Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thorne Manor: And Other Strange Tales Book Review

Thorne Manor: And Other Strange Tales is a fantastic book by Diane Wing. This book has seven short stories in it. "Thorne Manor" is by far my absolute favorite. The stories heroine Heather is a recently divorced woman looking to make her own in the world. She decides to purchase a large mansion, using it to open her business. The house happens to be haunted, but that's just part of the story. I truly hope that she decides to write a sequel to this one. I really want to know what happens to characters next! 
The rest of the stories are considerably shorter, but still just as good. My favorite out of the short stories was "Guardian at the Gate." This is a great quick little read.  This tells the tale of a demon that is decides to come to our plane and take it over. Things don't go quite as he planned. 
Another favorite is "the Black Sheep."  This the story of a young clairvoyant girl that decides to start listening to a new spirit. The young girl in this story is really seeking validation in a world that believes she's crazy. What she finds isn't exactly the type of validation that she was looking for. This is another story that I hope Ms. Wing decides to expand on. Again I would really to know what happens to this girl next. 
This is the second book that I've read by Ms. Wing and have to say that I love her writing and would highly recommend her books to anyone! 

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