Sunday, August 12, 2012

Have You Joined Klout yet?

Klout is one of my favorite sites for free products! Klout tracks your social media influence and rewards you for it :) Once you sign up you'll pick different topics that you are influential in and have your friend's give you k's in these areas. The different perks that Klout offer are awarded based upon the amount of "Klout" you have in a certain topic. 

There are just a few of the items I've gotten for free since joining Klout. I've also gotten $20 in Visa cards, $10 Chili's gift card, 2 bottles of Essie nail polish, and more! A recent contest that just ended was for a trip to Dallas, Texas to watch the filming of the new series. I didn't win, but a friend of mine did! What a great prize!! 

If you want to start getting great free stuff like this then just head over to Klout today and sign up.  It's fun, free and addicting! So be warned, you will get hooked on it fast! 


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