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Guest Post: Basic Guide To Getting Started With Pinterest

Almost everyone I know, is talking about pinterest. It is basically an online cork-board that allows you to share your thoughts by 'pinning'. People who are already members of the site tend to state that it can make your life craftier, easier and even interesting. For a newbie, they might find the site to be quite challenging as they are not familiar with it. This being the case, it would be great if you had five simple steps that can help you create an account and start using pinterest effectively.

1 Getting an account

Pinterest is not an online platform that you can join just like that. Registration is only through invitation. It is not hard to get an invitation as you can do so by requesting one from the site or from someone you know who is already a member. It is likely that a Facebook friend might be on pinterest and can easily send you an invite. When you are registering for a username, it is advisable to get one that is similar or closely matching the rest of your usernames on other social sites. This will help people who are looking for you to find you easily.

2. Create your Pinterest boards

Once you have registered and created your basic biography, you can begin creating boards. Think about the pinning topics. It can be cool hairstyles, healthy recipes and nursery inspirations. Boards are available in all types of categories. Your pinterest boards can be about your business, your hobby or just anything you feel like putting up.For example, there is a pinterest board that is called 'things that make me laugh' and another 'if I had a million dollars'. If you are not sure what you want as your board, you can take a look at the site and find ideas of what you can use as your board topic.

3. Find people to follow

Now that you have created your boards, you will need to find followers. A good idea would be to look for people who are already following you on other social sites like Facebook and Twitter. When you invite such people to join you on pinterest or to follow your boards, you have a high chance of getting the people who follow them from other sites. This will in turn give you a bigger following of people with different ideas and skills.Once you have found people, connect to them and comment on their pins, like or re-pin them to your own boards. Take note that you do not need to follow all of an individual's boards. Clicking follow on their profile is enough. This way, you will avoid overwhelming your feed.

4. Start pinning

The fourth step is having fun with pinterest by pinning. The best way to go about this is adding the bookmarklet to your browser. This should be done via your account as it will allow you to pin anything you come across when you are browsing the web. Once you see anything you like when browsing, just click on the 'pin it' button. A pop up window will appear with instructions on the rest of the procedure. Images that are attractive have a higher likelihood to be pinned. If you are on the go, you can use the Pinterest iPhone app. 

5. Like, re-pin, comment

Pinterest is a social network. This means that connections are the key to success. They are also the key to become part of the community and a fun way to meet new people. Apart from looking for inspiration to pin, you should also acknowledge pins by others. In pinterest, it is easy to 'like' something. You just follow the same process you would on Facebook or Instagram. This is the same process that will occur for commenting. You comments and likes in pinterest will appear in your main page, just the same way they do on Facebook. You can also re-pin an image, which will mean you will be actually putting it on your own board.

Basically, following these steps will not only ensure you have an account with pinterest, but it will also ensure your site is up and running. Such steps will also help you gain a lot of followers and knowledge making your pinterest experience worthwhile.

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