Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Soda Stream Review


One of my absolute favorite parts of blogging is being to get all kinds of new and fun things to test and review. I had heard all about this product from other bloggers and it made me really interested in trying this out. Everyone was raving about just how much they loved their SodaStream. My husband was laughing at just how excited I was to get this. 

The unit I received to test contained the unit, one bottle of carbonation, a sample package of 6 flavors, 3 bottles of sparkling water flavor, and 8 full size bottles of soda flavor, and one bottle to make the soda in. To set it up you simply take the top off the carbonation and place in the back of the unit. You fill the soda bottle with water to the fill line, screw into the front of the unit and hit the button on top to add the carbonation. My husband doesn't like as much carbonation in his soda as I do so it only takes about 3 squirts for his soda. I like a bit more so I use 4-5 squirts in my bottles of soda. 

My husband is diabetic so we always have some diet soda in the house for him. All SodaStream products are made using Splenda in the soda flavors. This chart shows the nutritional comparison for regular soda. The amount of sugar in these isn't much more than you find in diet soda. John absolutely loves this! 

SodaStream is also very cost friendly. We are saving close to 50% compared to buying name brand soda's. Plus, we don't have to lug around a bunch of 2-liters, or cans of soda. My back really appreciates that part on grocery day :)  Using a SodaStream also helps to lessen your carbon footprint since the bottles you use are reusable. The company also has an exchange program for the carbonation units. 

If you'd like to purchase one of these fantastic items just visit today and enter promo code BESTFRIENDS and save $10 off your purchase of a new soda maker package. This deal is only good for 30 days so hurry over now!

I absolutely love my unit and I don't think I could ever go back to regular soda again!


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