Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Body By Vi Guest Post

I just found out about this 90 Day Challenge. About 45 days ago, I started the Challenge! I have already shed 7 pounds and 4.5 inches! Before I started this challenge, I was counting calories and going for a daily walk. I did that for about a month and a half and lost a big fat NOTHING. I was frustrated so I quit doing all of it. A week later I decided to give BODY BY VI a chance. When I started to see results, I decided I was going to promote this awesome product to others. My mom started about 2 weeks after me. She does work out and drinks 2 yummy shakes a day. She is now down 7 pounds in three weeks! Go Mom!

On top of the dropping the weight, I feel better. Before I would tire so easily, I am too young for that and felt I should have more energy. The shakes have really helped with that! I love having this natural energy!

One of the big things that appealed to me- YOU CAN GET YOUR SHAKES FOR FREE (all you pay is the measly shipping cost)! Who can say no to FREE? All you need to do is have three friends join the Challenge with you! This helps in keeping one another accountable. Refer three or more friends on Challenge kits and yours is free! As long as you have three people taking the Challenge with you, yours is always free!

Right now I am offering a 25 dollar rebate for any new promoter that signs up! I am so excited to grow my team all over the US! I am also hosting a contest! Whoever gets the most people to 'like' my Body by Vi page will get a prize! Just refer your friends and family and have them post on my wall that you sent them. Just go here: For more information on this exciting 90 Day Challenge go to You can watch the videos which should answer any questions you have. You can also 'like' my facebook page which offers all my special deals. If you have any specific questions, you can email me at

About the author: My name is Melody. I am the owner of I am a part time nurse and a full time Mom of 2. I am married to Ian. We have been married almost 7 years. I live in Pa.


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