Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Guest Post: Supermarkets Are Great For Single Eaters

Going out today to do the weekly supermarket shopping? The selection in some markets is endless. Since living alone is a challenge in itself buying the right foods in the correct quantity shouldn't have to be. The fruits and vegetable sections of some larger supermarkets can be holiday parade for most. In this section alone many find and enjoy an abundance of foods that require no preparation time. This alone makes this department for many a number one stop.

The deli section at the supermarket is also a treasure trove for those living alone. From meats, cheeses, prepared salads and simple things like red beat eggs, they are all here and ready to enjoy. Most single eaters can use this section for a major cost cutting factor for preparing foods to enjoy at work and even for many who enjoy that lunch or snack on the go. This section offers many a way to buy prepared foods including whole chickens, pasta salads, heated meals to all kinds of food items that take little to no time to prepare and enjoy. Many snacks and desserts are in this section of the store and most are fully prepared to open and serve.

Apart from the deli there are usually the same types of pre-packaged lunch meats, cheeses and other items of the like at or around the fresh meat area of a supermarket. This is how many, who enjoy food on the go, buy their stock and take home by simply choosing off the racks or shelves. This meat section is where many of the short time cooking items can be bought including ground turkey, beef and chicken can be purchased for those short time recipes.  This is where you can look in for those quick dinner ideas that can take less than 30 minutes and many of which take a lot less due in part to their pre-made selling points.

Next take a look into pre-packaged boxed meals. These include tacos and other great Mexican or Chinese meals. These meals include the basics for what is needed. In the case of tacos all one has to do is cook and add the beef, hot sauce, lettuce, tomato and any other items that one desires. These simple and basic plans for a quick easy meal are just a step away from completing. With most boxed meals they are be enjoyed in small or large quantities and can be a great item when having friends over for a little get together.

Many young on the go professionals and college attenders also enjoy the cereal sections of stores. With so many nutritional types of cereal on the markets today one can enjoy a quick easy morning meal and be on their way. Hot cereals in this section are also a good quick way to heat and enjoy. The best of these and most popular is oatmeal. Even oats that are not instant can take only a few minutes to heat up and let set for a wholesome morning breakfast. These and many other heart healthy ideas are being looked at by many who know of the carbohydrates and fat issues within morning meals.

Another great section for those living single is the canned food isle. This section includes canned soups and vegetables. The soups in this section are a must have for anyone who has no time to prepare them. Picking from many healthy nutritional kinds that have reduced salt and reduced fats is yet another reason to look harder into this section if one has not done so before. The canned fruits and vegetables make them easy to store and easy to enjoy. Many vegetables in this section are prepared and even chopped or cooked so when adding to a recipe they will cut down on time factors involved with preparing fresh.

The dairy section of any supermarket is another glorious place for anyone living single. This would be where many purchase items like yogurts and dairy ingredients to add to those quick recipes. There are numerous items in the dairy section for single eaters and many more that can be added to that quick meal one might be preparing. Again the great part of the dairy section is the reduced fat content available in items that are stocked at stores throughout the country.  Looking in for those quick dinner ideas one should always take the time to sort out the dairy section as the basic foundation for many meals that take little to no time to prepare.

In submission there are so many parts of a grocery store for anyone living alone. Whether this is a temporary alone time or a long term time period the grocery store will offer you a great selection of items to prepare for the meals you intend to eat alone. No matter the situation it is best to take note of what one enjoys and the time and effort that will or can be involved in preparing. Some of the best items at the supermarket come in their natural form or in the form where the store offers them already done for you to enjoy. 

Leslie Jones is so happy that her local supermarket really caters for the single person. She assumes it may have something to do with a college nearby.


Maria Briggs said...

I remember being in college and shopping at the supermarket. I lived being able to buy only what I liked. This is an awesome article with great tips.

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