Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guest Post - Do Modern Food Trends Make Health Affordable?

Recent years have seen the emergence of many food trends that have either become ingrained in society or fallen away after an initial period of popularity. One of the main reason for food trends failing is that it is seen in many areas as unaffordable.
We analysed some of the most popular, as well as lesser-known, food trends, and questioned whether it is possible to achieve health on a budget in this way?

Although not a food trend per sé, vitamins have become a much bigger part of our “diet” in recent years. The reason we say “diet” is because worryingly high numbers of people use vitamin supplements as a substitute, rather than a complement, to food.
Good quality vitamins are not cheap, however, so if you are looking for health on a budget it is best to stick to getting what you need from your daily food intake.

Organic Food
Organic food is still a relatively new trend, yet one which has stuck and is continuing to grow in popularity. One key reason why organic varieties of food have become more popular, is that prices have been brought down to a level similar to those seen on “regular,” non-organic goods.
When vast ranges of organic foods first hit store shelves, they were at a prohibitive price, nearer what you would expect to see in a specialist shop. Demand and other factors however has seen the price come down, along with a greater awareness of the benefits of eating organic produce.
Meat, however, still tends to be priced at a premium when it comes to organic, with a chicken, for example, costing as much as four times that of a non-organic variety.

Sauces and Condiments
One of the quirkiest developments in recent times has been a shift towards individuals making their own sauces and condiments. This has dual benefits for those making their own, in that they save themselves a lot of money against paying for the pre-prepared varieties, and they also control what goes into them. A homemade pesto or marmalade, for example, can be prepared in such a way that any nasty additives that go into the on-shelf varieties can be left out of the recipe.
There is also the added satisfaction of having prepared the sauce or condiment yourself, which is far more rewarding than shelling out for an organic jam or spread at the local store. This can be especially useful for those with allergies or conditions, who need to avoid certain foods.

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