Friday, May 25, 2012

What should I redeem for in Crowdtap?

Crowdtap is one of my favorite reward sites! It's simple, easy, quick to learn, and you can get free samples from them! What's not to like? lol

Once you sign up they ask you to complete "Quickhits". You get points for each of these that you answer. As you answer these questions you'll start to qualify for different missions. These can get you bonus points, and free samples :) Plus, each mission that you complete gets $1 for the charity of your choice. I chose the ASPCA. My cats would never forgive me if I choose something else lol

Right now I've got 15,275 points to redeem from Crowdtap. For that amount I can cash in right now for:

  • 2 Vitacost gift cards worth $15 each
  • Dermstore gift card worth $25
  • Sleevecandy gift card worth $20
  • Shoebuy gift card worth $10
Whichever one I choose will be used as a future giveaway on my blog. I'm just not sure which one to pick :) 

So now I'm asking for everyone's help to pick the best one :) Which card would you like me to get.
**If the Vitacost one is chosen that will mean there are two winners!** 

Please post a comment to this post voting for your favorite choice! I will close the voting on June 9th. Then I will redeem my points. From there will be just a matter of setting up the giveaway! 

I'll even set up a special entry option for people that vote here :)  

Thanks everyone! 


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