Sunday, April 15, 2012

Superpoints Bonus Invites!!

I've got two bonus invite links for Superpoints!! 
Click this one to get 50 bonus points
Click this link to get 25 bonus points

Each link is only good for one person to use! So click on them fast before someone else snags it :) I've only been a part of Superpoints since the end of last December and I've already made $75 in extra cash!! This is a great way to get some extra cash, gift cards, electronics and more! 

After you click the link to sign up make sure to fill out basic profile, verify your profile and add a picture to get 30 spins on the lucky button today! Once you've finished signing up go to my facebook page and add your referral link to my forum! Once you get five referrals you get 100 spins on the button each day and can cash out at 500 points!

If both of these links are already used then click on this link to sign up and join my team!


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