Tuesday, April 17, 2012

8 Ways To Have The Green Wedding Of Your Dreams

Brides across the country are deciding to have green weddings these days. Here green doesn’t refer to the wedding color scheme, but rather that they are environmentally conscious events. Everything from the wedding favors, to the food can be obtained from sustainable sources. Use these eight simple tips to host the beautiful wedding you’ve always, without creating a lot of waste. 

 1. Wedding invitations and place-cards: The popular choice for most brides are to choose their invitations from an eco-friendly card company. There are many companies today that produce extraordinary invitations that are made from 100% recycle material. Another alternative is to make your own. This is a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your wedding. If you should decide to make your own invitations be sure to choose all recycled materials to make them with. 

 2. Wedding favors: There are limitless options available when you decide to give eco-friendly gifts to your wedding guests. These can include items such as small pots with seeds to match your flowers, wrapped tree seedlings, or even locally produced organic items with custom labels for the wedding. 

 3. Flowers: When looking for flowers seek out vendors that deal with organic suppliers. If you have the space and time it’s also possible for you to grow your own wedding flowers. This way you get beautiful flowers and save a lot of money as well. 

 4. Food: The food is always one of the most remembered parts of a wedding. By choosing to work with caterers that use organic and local suppliers you can rest assured that the food will be delicious and won’t contain any nasty chemicals or additives. 

 5. Vendors: A wedding wouldn’t be complete without photographers, videographers, or a DJ. Be sure to look for companies that use eco-friendly products in their business operations. 

 6. Travel: Weddings can result in a lot of travel taking place. All this travel can rapidly increase the carbon footprint of your wedding. A good way to reduce this is to encourage your guests to carpool to and from the event. Encourage all your guests to ride together as much as possible. This not only reduces the amount of carbon emissions, but can ease parking concerns as well. 

 7. Cleaning up afterwards: Weddings are beautiful events, but they also create a lot of trash. The most important thing to remember is to recycle as much as possible. Providing labeled recycling containers for the cleanup crew will help everyone to make sure that all recyclables are properly disposed of. Any leftover food can donated to the local food banks or homeless shelters. This is a great way to share the happiness of your special day with those less fortunate. 

 8. Chose the right wedding planner: Weddings often take on a life of their own, and a wedding planner can be a huge help in keeping the chaos under control. While interviewing prospective planner discuss your eco concerns. Make sure they understand how important it is for you to have an eco-friendly wedding. Weddings are an important day in any woman’s life. Having an eco-friendly wedding not only shows your concern for the environment, but can help set the tone of your marriage. Being green doesn’t take a lot of extra time or work. Your wedding will be even more special since you made the extra effort to be green.


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