Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hollywood Stories Blog Book Tour :)

Recently I was able to join the blog book tour for the book Hollywood Stories! It's all about the legends of Hollywood and is filled with amusing little stories about them. Here's a sample of the fun stories you'll find in this book: 

The Universal Maniac

In 1999, an Australian gentleman told me about an interesting experience he 
and his family had at Universal Studios. They were on the backlot tour passing 
one of the theme park’s main attractions, the Bates Motel used in the 1960 
horror classic Psycho, about a murderous young man named Norman Bates who 
loved his mother a little too much. As the guide gave out information about 
how director Alfred Hitchcock shot the picture, a tall man, dressed in drag and 
carrying a large knife, emerged from behind the old set and charged toward the 
tram. The narrator seemed to know nothing about the Norman Bates look-alike 
and clammed up completely. The make-believe killer wore such a convincing 
maniacal expression that some of the paying customers were frightened and 
screamed when he raised his weapon. Then the “fiend” pulled off his wig and 
he turned out to be comic Jim Carrey; the thirty-seven-year-old star was 
clowning around during a work break. After his laughing “victims” calmed 
down, Jim was happy to pose for pictures and sign autographs.

Extra: Jim Carrey’s second wife, actress Lauren Holley, once complained that 
her husband freaked her out because he couldn’t pass a mirror in their mansion 
without stopping, staring into it, and making funny expressions for at least 
fifteen minutes. The same face-changing habit helped the Canadian-born 
comedian earn the praise of directors, adoration from his fans and millions of 

Extra: A knife-wielding “Norman Bates” charging the tram later became a 
feature on some of the Universal Studios’ Tours. 

If you're interested in learning more about this great book connect with author Stephen Schochet through these links: 

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