Thursday, July 25, 2013

Books To Help You Overcome Your Infertility

As many of my readers now, I am one of millions of women in the world affected by infertility. Earlier tonight while searching Amazon for free books I decided to look for free eBooks relating to infertility. I've only found one. However, I also found several books that look promising that aren't very expensive at all. Please click on the links below to check them out. They may hold the answers to your fertility questions. If you are a member of Amazon Prime then you can borrow many of these titles for free.

The Sperm Meets Egg Plan is a step-by-step guide to achieving pregnancy without taking invasive tests, charting temperatures, or making mistakes in predicting your ovulation that result in mistimed attempts at fertilization. Designed by Deanna Roy after months of trying made her believe she had a fertility problem, the plan will help you time intercourse whether you have a typical or atypical cycle. It includes adjustments for common fertility problems, what to do if you are over forty, and considerations for trying again after a pregnancy loss. This booklet includes 40 pages of instruction plus a 10-page sneak peek of Deanna's book Baby Dust. It should be a free download.
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disorder that affects women and between 5-10% of all women have this condition. The cause of why PCOS develops is basically unclear, however medical professionals believe it to be partially influenced by a condition called insulin resistance, hormone imbalance and even genetics. A well balanced diet plan designed to manage insulin resistance and PCOS needs to consist of all the essential nutrients you would expect in any good basic plan. This is sometimes a hard task to plan meals trying to cover all the bases but diets don't need to be difficult to maintain. Even harder is following a different diet than your family and preparing separate meals than everyone else is eating. This complicated domestic situation can be expensive, inconvenient and often is the reason people quit trying a particular eating plan. Take heart though, even a very general knowledge of the body and what impact certain foods have on it can clearly illustrate how even small changes can reduce your PCOS symptoms.
Worried about your ability to have children in the next five years? Have you been trying to get pregnant for a while now and it’s just not happening? Does it seem like every woman you know is having a hard time getting pregnant and you don’t want that to be you when you’re ready? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, Aimee’s second book, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant: The Diet That Will Improve Your Fertility Now & Into Your 40’s, was written for you. Whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s, this book will give you all the nutritional information you need to keep your baby-making machinery in tip-top shape.
BEARING THE UNBEARABLE wrestles with two of life's most painful realities, the loss or diminishment of hope and the inability of human beings to fulfill their vocation, potential, and dreams. We will focus on perhaps the most poignant cause of this, infertility, but our discussion will include other major obstacles to fulfillment. There is an innate link between the futility of procreative and potential fulfillment efforts. We will integrate western civilization's most famous infertility stories, those from the Bible, and particularly the Old Testament, with contemporary stories and your own.
This book provides resources and options for any couple struggling with infertility. Dr. Khatamee, a world-renowned infertility specialist, presents numerous case studies, discusses the most current tests available, what each entails and when testing should commence. The prevention of infertility and preservation of fertility are addressed. Adoption may be the right choice for you and information and resources are provided should you choose this option. Every couple deserves the best in fertility care. That’s the premise of the book DOCTOR, ARE YOU LISTENING? (A Couple’s Struggle to Find the Right Infertility Doctor). The book is co-authored by Linda Perelman Pohl and Dr. Masood Khatamee. It follows Linda and her husband, Stuart, in their quest to become parents. For many years, they saw doctor after doctor who "claimed" to be infertility experts, but, sadly, were not.
Yoga and Fertility: A Journey to Health and Healing: is for those who have never done yoga before, as well as those with yoga experience, or who are currently taking a yoga class. Personal stories are woven into the text, so that women can relate to the author and others who have struggled with fertility challenges. The book includes suggestions for friends and family members to help them better understand the issues.


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