Monday, July 1, 2013

FREE Mr. Food eCookbook! Must Have Potluck Recipes!

Summers can be very busy with gatherings of family and friends. This FREE eCookbook from Mr. Food has 37 fantastic potluck recipes that everyone will love. Just click the image above to get your FREE copy today! 

Free eCookbook: Must-Have Potluck Recipes: 37 Recipes for Parties, Potlucks, Dinners, and More features 37 pages of potluck recipes, dinner party recipes, backyard barbecue bites, and more + Mr. Food Test Kitchen Recipe eNewsletter for FREE! Summer is filled with all kinds of events that require a bring-along dish. From block parties to club meetings to kids’ birthday parties and more, there’s always a new occasion where a homemade dish will come in handy. The eCookbook has step-by-step instructions for easy recipes like Breakfast Lasagna (page 2), Bacon ‘n’ Egg Cups (page 6), BBQ Deviled Eggs (page 9), Easy Buffalo Chicken Dip (page 11), Best Broccoli Salad (page 14), Seven Layer Potato Salad (page 17), Border Biscuit Bake (page 22), Saucy Italian Pot Roast (page 25), Mini Chocolate Chip Cheesecakes (page 31), Zesty Lime Pork Cake (page 35), and lots more.


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