Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Prize I Almost Won

On Dec. 26, 2011 I received an email from stating that I had won a brand new bathing suit from Yokini Swimwear! I was soooo excited :) I never spend more than $20 on a bathing suit, and getting one worth over $100 was mind boggling to me. Honestly I was originally planning to sell it and putting the cash towards my infertility treatments. While I like their stuff, I would like a baby more lol However, my husband talked me out of it. Saying I never had nice stuff and should keep it. 

In the middle of January I had asked on an update on when the suit was being shipped. At that time I was told that they were out of the XL (fits 12-14) bottoms, but that they would be back in stock sometime in March. That wasn't a  problem for me at all. January in Northern Maine is very cold and summer was still months away. So I put the emails in my follow up folder and forgot about them until mid-April. At that time I was told the bottoms were still on back order, but they would have them in about four months. There were nice enough to ask if I wanted to get it in a different size so I could give the suit to a friend. That struck me as a bit odd, but oh well. 

This time the email exchange goes on a bit further. The lady at Madame Deals was getting a bit antsy and wanted to know what the hold up was too. One of the co-founders assured her that the bottoms would be back in stock soon. At that time she did decide to send me the top. 

I have to say the top is very nice. It has great support and my husband says it makes my boobs look fantastic! It's also a very nice, high quality material. I'm sure it'll last forever lol Unfortunately, I still don't have any bottoms to go with this awesome top. 

The last communication I received from Yokini was on June 1st stating that I would have the bottoms by the end of the summer season. If I lived in a warmer climate that might be ok, but where I live that means if I even get the bottoms I won't be wearing the suit until next summer. I responded back telling them to forget it. I also advised them that they should remove the XL offering from the size chart since they obviously can't keep them in stock. 

In the end I'm not upset or heartbroken over this. While I would love to have a bottom that matched the top this was a free prize. However, if I had paid the $100+ for this suit I would be absolutely livid at this point. 

While they do make really nice swimsuits, I would advise anyone considering purchasing through them to avoid the XL sizes. At least for the bottoms anyways. I feel that if they are going to make people wait months and months for products they want to give away so we can help to promote their business, they really don't want to promote their business. 

Thankfully I don't have to wait for their bathing suit. I did a review for VodaSwim and got a fantastic suit from them for free! The top from Yokini will probably just sit in my drawer for a few years until I remember that I need to buy a bottom to go with it, or I donate it to our local thrift store.  


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