Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Guest Post: Deck the Halls with Baby Keepsakes: Some 1st Christmas Gift Ideas

That first Christmas is a special time of year for the entire family. So while the Jolly Old Elf is busy preparing to stuff presents under the Christmas tree, there are plenty of creative holiday-themed baby keepsakes you can make yourself or buy to remember and cherish your time together.  

First Christmas Ornament

Pick out a special ornament for your tree this year to remember your baby’s first Christmas.
For those “do-it-yourself-ers,” simply cut out a cute photo of your little angel and, using a glue stick, glue the cutouts to an ornament. Consider dressing up Santa’s Little Helper in a special elf or reindeer costume for the photo.
Once you’ve glued the photo to your ornament, you’ll want to add the year with a marker or felt tip pen.
You could also decorate your tree with a digital image of your little one printed on an ornament. Most stores that print digital photos also have special printing options, such as personalized ornaments. All you have to do is upload the image at the store or through the store’s Web site, and they’ll reproduce the image on an ornament.
And while you’re at it, consider making this a holiday tradition the entire family can enjoy!

Personalized Christmas Plate

If you want to start a new holiday tradition for your baby’s first Christmas, personalized holiday plates are the perfect keepsake.
Most stores that print digital photos will not only make ornaments, many can also make special personalized holiday plates with your uploaded images. You can then get a stand to display your little cherub for all your family and friends to see!
Or, if you want to make sure Santa has his fill of milk and cookies on the big night, consider getting a customized plate. Check your local gift shops, or go online to find places that will make a special Christmas keepsake for your baby that has his or her name on the plate.

Baby’s First Christmas Photo Album

You’ll never want to forget that first Christmas with your little one. For every holiday-themed milestone moment – like the first time your baby sat on Santa’s lap, or that first Christmas morning – snap a photo so you can cherish the memories forever.
And for the tech savvy, consider downloading your photos onto a digital frame. Pick out your favorite holiday photos of your toddler, then set the photos to run on a continuous loop to set the holiday mood!

Christmas Mobile

You can find a Christmas mobile for your little angel at numerous stores this time of year, including some that will play holiday music. And if your local stores don’t carry one, you can find one online.
Or if you really want to get creative, try making your own Christmas mobile. You can go online to find websites that will give you instructions, and the characters to print and cut out. You can personalize it, too, with photos of mom, dad and baby, and instead of using small batons or wooden sticks, consider using branches from a fir tree for a special Yuletide keepsake.

Natural Baby Bedding

Keeping your angel happy and healthy is so important. As the Arabian proverb says, “He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.” So when searching for Christmas-themed baby keepsakes, consider buying natural baby bedding. Organic materials are all natural. That means, no hazardous chemicals are used, the material is fire retardant, and it has natural antifungal and antimicrobial properties.
Other Baby’s First Christmas Keepsake Ideas Include:
  • Elf booties
  • Stocking with his or her name embroidered on it
  • Christmas onsie
  • Little Santa hat
  • Personalized blanket with your baby’s name embroidered on it
  • Disney Princess jewelry

Martha Marks is a busy mom of two who also loves to provide online shopping gifts for special events of all kinds. On her website www.totalcomfortandjoy.com, she has beautiful gift ideas for babies and toddlers and recommends quality pieces that will last for generations.


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