Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guest Post: Bringing Out the Breast in You- Why Your Underwear Is As Important As Your Outerwear

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We all have that one pair of knickers that have somehow remained in the drawer for about five years. Still worn now and again; regardless of the fact that they look like they've (only just) survived a nuclear holocaust. And you’ll know too that the feeling when you put them on isn't one of confidence, or eroticism. It’s a feeling of necessity, and businesslike functionality. From the outset of the day, there’s no element of pride or excitement as you shimmy on your outfit over the top of a delicious lacy two piece that nips in your waist and pushes your chest and makes you look and feel –fantastic.  
The fact of the matter is, that wearing something a little daring underneath a regular ensemble makes you walk a little taller and smile a little brighter, knowing that the little secret under your blouse would make a delightful surprise to anyone who was lucky enough to see it. Moreover, you wear it because you know that you look good. True beauty does come from the inside, but there’s no shame in pushing a little bit of it out and up.
Good lingerie needn't break the bank. Invest in a properly fitted, pretty bra and for each bra buy four pairs of matching knickers. You needn't bust out a new set every day; just do the knicker-switch. Swap pantyhose a few days a week for hold up stockings and team with a pair of sensible but dramatic heels. This’ll improve your posture no end, and your pins will look simply divine.
If you’re looking into impressing your partner, maybe try something daring, like a corset with a suspender belt; for the more vanilla amongst us maybe a demure negligee. Then toss your clothes to the ground and watch them try not to choke on their own tongue.
From day to day, a good bra and panties will set you off in the morning with a good mood. It’s as simple as silk, lace, and a good mirror.
For special occasions (for you and your partner) ensure that whatever you’re wearing makes you feel comfortable and confident. If you’re trussed up like a Christmas turkey and you feel ridiculous, chances are it’ll ruin any kind of ambiance you were looking to create. It can be liberating to let loose and forget your inhibitions. And ladies, we spend approximately one third of our lives in the bedroom. Wouldn't you rather spend them ruffling the sheets rather than straightening them out?
If you have any advice for newbies regarding rocking sexy lingerie, let us know with the comment box below! We want to know your loves, hates, favorites and guilty pleasures.

Susannah Perez has a passion for fashion and beauty, as well as the science behind it. She has an obsession with lingerie and loves any excuse to dress up!


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