Friday, November 9, 2012

Guest Post: Unique Wine Gifts for the Wine Lover at Christmas

Nothing says class quite like wine. As gift giving time approaches artful wine gifts will get even the most snobbish of connoisseurs excited.

Nothing says class quite like wine. As gift giving time approaches, distinctive and artful wine offerings will get even the most snobbish of connoisseurs excited. Anyone can go to the local store and purchase a bottle of Vino. Gifts should require more thought. A proper present is something that the recipients wouldn’t buy for themselves. It might be they don’t even know they want it until they unwrap the present. When shopping for wine gifts, uniqueness counts.

Chocolate is the Perfect Wine Accessory

Treat the chocolate lover with a bottle of wine made for the sweet tooth. The bottles are literally dipped in the perfect chocolate to compliment the wine. Selections include dark, milk and white chocolate gifts. The offerings are for a variety of whites, reds and sparkling wines. Wine and chocolate are a natural pairing. The bottles are both elegant and tasty. Prices vary based on the wine selection.


For those shopping for something a little less pricy, a votive holder and wine stopper is the gift that keeps on giving. The stoppers are resign candleholders that feature a cork bottom. Coupled with a fine wine, the holder is a little extra something to turn the empty bottle into a piece of romantic art. The corks fit snug to create a safe and practical candleholder out of used wine bottles.

Anniversary Wine Box

Give couples a way to toast key anniversaries with an inimitable wine holder. The box features slots to safely hold bottles for the 1st, 3rd and 5th wedding anniversary. With this gift, wedding couples have what they need to celebrate the success of their marriage. The outside of the box is customized with monograms for the couple. Gift givers can fill the box with their favorite wine selections.

Making the Vino

A trendy option in the world of wine gifts is the winemaker. This kit gives the recipient everything they need to create 12 signature bottles of a personalized vintage. The package includes:
    • A mix of grape options
    • Winemaking system
    • Empty bottles
    • Instructional material
The wine is made right on the countertop, and takes about 28 days to complete.

Wine Tasting Kit

Wine tasting is a learned art that takes some practice. A kit serves as a tool for those wanting to educate themselves in the tasting process. Each gift contains generous sips of some of the top wines available. It is a wine tasting in a decorative package. The recipient gets to try some of the best wines around without buying the bottle.

Wine Club

It is not all that unique, but it is still one of the most useful gift to give a wine lover. Wine clubs offer insider information, and bottles in the genre of their choice. Clubs exist for red, white and even dessert wines. Some clubs focus on vineyard or location. For example, there are wine clubs exclusive to California wines. Features vary by club. This is a gift for the true wine enthusiast.
Wine is more than just a drink. For some, it is a hobby. These are the people who will appreciate a truly unique, wine-centric approach to gift giving. Whether looking for a vintage bottle or a creative accessory, wine gifts are a timeless commodity.

San Diego Village Vino owner, Rita Pirkl, has 20+ years of experience in senior level sales and marketing positions in the wine and banking industries. An avid cook, gardener and world traveler, Rita has visited over 25 countries, lived in Italy for two years and is passionate about food and wine pairing.


Angelina Jullie said...

This wine gifts opener looks great and quality made. Love the red and green light system (red when charging, green when charged). You know when you need to recharge (love my wine). The opener works great and you don't have to use much force. Who knew drinking wine could be some much fun.

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