Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Support Your Favorite Cause with!

T-Shirt created for couple trying to adopt. 

Crowdfunding sites are growing more popular each day. These sites offer people an easy way to raise funds for their favorite cause or project. One of the newest crowdfunding sites available is With other crowdfunding sites visitors simply make a donation to your cause and get nothing in return. provides custom made t-shirts that can be sold to raise money. 

The costs of t-shirt that you choose to sell will depend on the materials used. You can choose from several different brands including American Apparek, Hanes, Canvas, Next Level and  Spectra. They also have organic, Made-In-The-USA, and Union Made Cuts available upon special request. Since this is a crowdfunding project there are no up-front costs. If you don't reach your sales goal, than all orders are cancelled and neither you or the buyers will be charged. also offers a lot of information to help you have the successful fundraiser that you need. People that have questions, or need assistance can contact their live chat support. It doesn't matter whether your raising money for your favorite charity, to support your dreams of having a family, or trying to fund your personal project. Crowdfunding through can be the perfect solution for you. Visit them today to learn more about this unique opportunity. 

Raised over 85k for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.


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