Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fundraising for Babies

Infertility affects millions of couples in the United States. While recent studies suggest that the numbers of people may be dropping, that doesn't really help those of us struggling to have a family of our own. Fertility treatments are extremely expensive and it's not always covered by health insurance. People with health insurance can usually get some of the more basic and routine tests performed under their plan, they end up having to pay out of pocket for additional treatments such as IUI's and IVF. These treatments cost thousands of dollars per try. 

Unfortunately, that is just waaaay out of reach for lots of couples trying to conceive. 
  Adoption is also an option for childless couples. However, just like fertility treatments, adoption can be very expensive. Couples can often find themselves quickly getting buried in debt trying to finance this dream. As a result more and more couples are deciding to hold fundraising events to raise the money they need. 

Deciding to hold a fertility treatment, or adoption fundraiser isn't easy. Infertility is a difficult thing to discuss for most couples. When they decide to host a fundraiser to finance their fertility treatments they have to come out and admit to everyone that they are living with condition. Family, friends, co-workers and strangers will now learn all about your struggle. This can add extra stress to your life so you want to make sure that this is the right decision. Once you send out the info about the fundraiser there is no turning back.  You also have to be prepared to discuss your infertility struggles openly and frankly. 

So now that you've decided to hold a fundraiser it's time to start planning! Just like any other fundraiser, the key to holding a successful event is good planning at the start. 
  • Get all your facts in order first. Research costs, statistics, and anything else you think is relevant. Providing this kind of information will help convince people to donate to your cause. 
  • Determine your fundraising goal. Make it clear exactly what you will do with the money. Keeping things clear and transparent will make people feel more confident in supporting your endeavors. 
  • Get organized! Whether it's a file on your computer, your email calendar, or a basic notebook, being organized will help you stay on top of everything at all times. 
Thanks to the Internet there are more ways than ever before to raise funds for your infertility treatments or adoption costs. One of the quickest and easiest ways to being raising money is through a crowdfunding site. Using a crowdfunding site is extremely quick and easy. You just sign up, fill out your info, create your fundraising page and start sharing the link. Anyone can then visit and make a donation. Easy-peasy! 

Some sites to consider include:

You can take a look at a fundraiser one of my friends set up to see what she has done on her page to help finance her dreams: Wishing for Our Rainbow Baby. You can learn more about Maria by visiting her blog The Mamma Homemaker

If you want to host a fundraiser online, but want to provide a product that your donors will like too then you can check out the site This site allows people to buy items such as magazine subscriptions and gives you a commission on each sale. I created one there just to check it out. You can find my fundraising page at: A Family Of My Own

Take a moment to also visit this page at They have several free guides and eBooks that you can download to help make your online fundraiser a success. Just click here to get these valuable resources now. 

Since fertility treatments are so expensive, you're probably going to need to raise a lot of money. While online fundraising is a great way to get help, a more traditional "real world" event could be an excellent way to raise even more funds. If you decide to hold an event like this try to avoid spending a lot of money on it, especially if this is your first fundraiser. Remember, the goal is to make money!  Also, keep the event small so that you can manage it easily. 
Some ideas to consider include: 

  • Raffles
  • Auctions
  • Garage sales or flea markets
  • Create a recipe book to sell
  • Dances or dinners
You can also look for sponsors for your event. For example, if you want to have an auction then you need stuff to sell. Contact your local businesses and ask then if they have any items that they can donate for your cause. This could be a physical product, a gift card, or other type of service. Many times companies love to work with fundraisers since it's a great way to get advertisement for their business while also improving their social standing in the community. 

Another excellent option is working with a direct sales company. These programs usually come with everything that you need to have a successful fundraiser. They can range from simply hosting a single party, or having a huge event where several people assist you in the selling. Each direct sales company is different in the amount of money they offer for each sale. Some programs allow people to buy anything available in their product catalog, while some have specific catalogs with items just for fundraising. Go over all the details about the fundraising program with your representative thoroughly. Make sure that you understand what they offer, how much help and assistance they provide, and what will be expected of you. Taking a little time at the beginning to do this will save you and the representative a lot of headaches and misunderstandings later.

Contact these direct sales representatives to learn more about their fundraising options:

Now that you've decided what type of fundraiser you're going to have it's time to start promoting it! A good promotion campaign is essential to the success of your event. You want everyone to know what is happening and how they can help. 

  • Share your online with all of your social network. Facebook, twitter, pinterest and Instagram can all be great ways to get the word out. 
  • Put up flyers and posters advertising your event. Include all relevant information, including contact information. 
  • Ask family and friends to help spread the word. 
  • Many local newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations have "what's going" segments. Contact them about listing your event. Ask about discounts for advertising fundraisers, or offer them a "sponsor listing" in exchange for the promotion. 
Personally, my preferred method of raising funds for my treatments is through this blog. Supporting my efforts is as simple as click on the ads, signing up for promotions I share or join the reward sites that I participate in. Hosting a fundraiser may be the perfect solution for some couples, but it's just not for me. Here are a few programs that you can join to help me. 

Have you tried fundraising to pay for your fertility treatments or adoption? Would you consider supporting a fundraiser for someone that is? Let me know in the comments!


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Sounds like a difficult decision but at least there are options.

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This would make a great article for a parenting magazine! Good for you for helping so many people!

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This is awesome! When my oldest was four and I had tried for almost that time (i wanted stairsteps) to get pregnant including every possible way that makes baby making unromantic, they told me I was unable to without this. It was too pricey. No way. Turns out when I gave everything baby away, I popped up pregnant 4 months later, but that doesn't happen to everyone. This is awesome

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Good information for parents and people that are trying to conceive.

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Thank you for sharing about babies! very informative!

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This is great information for those that are trying to conceive.

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