Tuesday, October 1, 2013

5 Alternative Costume Ideas For Halloween!

Halloween is right around the corner once again and the one thing on everyone’s mind is what costume they should wear. Should you dress up as something that’s classically Halloween or go for something a little different? Well, if you really want to impress everyone you need to put a little imagination into your costume. Being a zombie or vampire for the one hundredth time just doesn’t drive fear into hearts anymore (especially now vampires are trendy).
Luckily there’s a solution to boring or clichéd Halloween costumes and it comes in the form of this handy list of alternative costume ideas. With these you should be the most original looking people whatever you do on the spookiest night of the year.

Walter White from Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Characters Walter and Jesse
Cult TV show Breaking Bad is hugely popular right now as it reaches its dramatic finale so why not ride the wave of popularity by putting together a simple but cool Walter costume? The badass chemistry teacher who’s paying for his cancer treatment by cooking crystal meth has an iconic look that’s easy to recreate. Just don a yellow overall, red gas mask and add a pair of glasses and voila! And don’t forget the beard, you MUSN’T forget that epic beard!

Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke

That famous performance on the MTV Awards scared the hell out of parents watching on TV – well come to think about it, it scared pretty much everybody. Therefore, if you really want to drive fear into prudes and people who fear weird dance routines, go out as either of these two! For guys all you need is a striped suit (think Beetlejuice) and girls you only need to find something slutty and peach coloured. Go out together and twerk in front of as many people as possible for full horrifying effect.

Finn/Fionna The Human from Adventure Time

Finn and Fionna
It’s adventure time! Or more like Halloween time! If you love the awesome cartoon then you’ll definitely want to dress as Finn or Fionna because their costumes are so easy to recreate. Depending on whether you’re a boy or girl you’ll need either a white beanie hat with bear ears or rabbit ears, a blue T Shirt, black shoes and then either a blue pair of shorts or skirt with knee high white socks for Fionna. To complete your costume you could even add the pair’s famous yellow sword or a little plush Jake or Cake. Your costume should be totally mathematical!

Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland

At Halloween time you certainly see a lot of slutty Alices, but you don’t often see very many Mad Hatter costumes. This is a great tragedy as he has an iconic look that’s perfect for Halloween costumes. So guys, you should fix this by customising your own mad hatter look. A good inspiration for your own costume could be Johnny Depp’s in the Tim Burton film adaptation, but make sure you have a top hat and some contact lenses to give you an insane look in the eyes to really make the costume work.

Daft Punk Robots

Daft Punk On Stage
Daft Punk well and truly returned this year with their first brand new (non-soundtrack before you say anything pedants) album in over 8 years. The French robots are well and truly back in mainstream consciousness and they still haven’t lost their cool look. This costume might require the most effort on this list but the results will more than speak for themselves. First get yourself a suave retro looking suit or leather jacket and then all that’s left is the iconic helmets. You can choose either Guy-Manuel or Thomas’ robotic helmets to copy and it may require either some patient searching for replicas online or making one yourself. Once complete you’ll be the coolest person at the party and you may even ‘get lucky’ (sorry).
With these alternative costumes you’re sure to impress, scare or make everyone laugh when doing your thing on Halloween. It may take a little money and effort to pull them off but it’ll be all worth it!  
Charlotte Hinsley is a pop culture blogger who can't hold her excitement for Halloween.


Francisca said...

Lol if I was dressing up this year I might just go for the Mikey/Robin Thicke combo minus the twerking.

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