Sunday, June 2, 2013

Why I LOVE Swagbucks!!!

Join Swagbucks today and start earning great rewards for what you already do online for free!

The internet is full of ways to make money from home. One of my favorite ways is through Swagbucks. Today I just cashed out another $25 in PayPal cash! It's one of the best loyalty programs I've found. Earning Swagbucks to redeem is really easy, and they add up quicker than you'd think :)  Here are a few reasons why I love them and a few tips on how to earn Swagbucks. 

For one they offer a huge amount of rewards to choose from. One of my favorite part is the charity donations. It's a great way to give back and help those in their time of need. Most recently they held a relief drive for those affected by the bombing in Boston. To me it's all "fake" money until I redeem it making easier to hit the donate button. I don't always have cash in my bank account, but I usually have a few hundred Swagbucks to spare. 

For me the easiest way to earn Swagbucks is by searching. I use the plugin for Chrome and it's   perfect for me. You can add the toolbar to your browser and get 1 SB a day for it if you choose. Also, each day you can do the NOSO for 2 SB's, and take the daily poll for 1 SB. After you take the poll it will occasionally put the option to watch a video for additional SB's. 


Sometimes it's just a couple, other times there can be dozens to watch. They might show you the same video over and over, but they will give SB's to watch it each time. These days have really helped me build up SB's in a short amount of time! 

On most days you'll receive messages in your Swagbucks inbox. These will give you different offers that you can complete for the rewards. Some of these will cost you money! Make sure you read all the requirements before you ever give your credit card info. You'll also get messages with rewards of 2 or 3 SB's for watching a video or set of videos. These offers don't last long so check your inbox at least once a day. 

You can also choose to complete other offers they have available. Just go to the "discover" button at the top of the page and click on "special offers". Go through the different pages and complete the ones that you want. As always, be careful about giving your credit card information when signing up for offers. Not because you'll get scammed, but you might forget that you signed up for a free trial then get hit with a bill a month later. I speak from experience here! lol 

Swagbucks members can also complete different surveys to earn money. Personally, I don't do a lot of surveys just because I don't have the time. However, my husband will log in and do some for me every once in a while :) It's a great way to earn points. However, there are many times that you will answer a lot of questions only to find out you don't qualify. 

For those of you that like watching videos then you can earn SB's while you watch. They have a huge assortment of videos to choose from. Just watch the videos and watch your SB's grow :) 

Every Friday is Mega Swagbucks Day! You can earn huge search rewards, and bonus SB's by tweeting and more! Make sure all your tweets that day include #MSBD in it. That the tag they watch and will randomly give out SB's to people that use it :) It's really fun! I haven't won, but there's always hope! 

Swagbucks also rewards you when people join under your referral link. They will match what your referral earns up to 1,000 SB's!!! Active referrals are a true bonus to this program! There's nothing like logging and seeing that people that you invited are using the site and earning points too! 

I absolutely LOVE Swagbucks! I'm sure that you will too! 
If you haven't joined this great program yet then just click here to get started. 

I give Swagbucks two thumbs up!


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