Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Healthy Breakfast at McDonald's? Egg White Delights Review

The Egg White Delight is one of the newest items on the McDonald's menu. This tasty little sandwich comes in at just 250 calories making it perfect for a quick breakfast on the go. The basic sandwich has a toasted English muffin, white cheddar cheese, egg whites, and a lean Canadian Bacon. You can also order them with sausage or regular bacon if you prefer. However, this does increase the calories and salt content. 


Thanks to the PR team for McDonald's of Maine I received a few coupons to try these new sandwiches for free. I have to say that I loved it! I've always been a huge fan of eggs, but having a McMuffin without the yolks just didn't sound that appealing to me. I was pleasantly surprised. The eggs were cooked just right and worked really well with the white cheddar and Canadian bacon. Next time I'll be trying one with sausage instead. 

Anyone that is counting calories or watching their cholesterol level can choose to have the whole egg white eggs in the other sandwiches and breakfast option they have at McDonald's. By switching out the eggs in one sandwich you'll save 50 calories! If you haven't tried the new Egg White Delights then I highly recommend it! You definitely won't be disappointed. 


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