Thursday, October 17, 2013

Order Your Blood Tests Online And Save!

Even though I'm going to be getting health insurance soon, I understand that it won't cover everything. There will be additional costs along the way out of my pocket. Much of that comes from need fertility treatments that won't be covered. Here is a great company that allows individuals to get the blood tests done at a significant savings. I've already found a few that I know are cheaper than what it would cost at my local hospital. 

PersonalLabs provides customers the ability to conveniently & confidentially order low-cost laboratory blood tests online (The same tests they would order from any doctors, but at a lower cost and with less hassle) and offer over 1,700 testing locations nationwide for them to have their blood drawn, or submit their specimen.

Personalabs is for health & wellness-conscious individuals, people with no medical insurance, people who need 100% privacy on their tests, or people who want to take control of their healthcare. Visit PersonalLabs to see all the tests that they offer which range from diabetes, to STD’s, to heart disease and more

They also have for the younger, and sexually active individuals. The site provides STD symptom information, an extensive selection of STD tests & 1700 testing locations. Click Here to get 10% off all STD Testing. Just use promo code JGTSTD10

Just click here during the month of October and get 10% off all female health tests at PersonaLabs during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They offer a wide range Women's Health Blood Testing. These include cancer screenings, hormonal tests, FSH and LH, and many more. 


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