Friday, July 27, 2012

My brand new pair of wedge shoes!

As a member of the Fashion Hunter program I got this great pair of Vintage Openwork Wrapped Wedges with Pin Buckle blue. They are fabulous! I knew that I was getting something for free from them, but I wasn't prepared to like them so much! I love shoes and am so happy they are as nice as they looked in the picture!

Normally I wear a size 7 1/2 for my shoes. I got a size 8 and it's still a bit tight across the top. The strap could have been a little bit longer. Otherwise they are perfect :) The are very solid and the material is good quality. I expect to have these shoes for a very long time. I might have to get another pair in a different color. 

If you have a blog and would like to get free clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories for free then you should join 's Fashion Hunter program! You receive credits each month that you can use to get great stuff from their site for free! Once you get the items just take a few pictures and make a post like this :) Just click here to sign up for this great program and give your wardrobe a free boost!!  

Disclaimer: Tianna's Coupon Cafe received this item for free in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed within are my own. No money was involved.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

10 Years of Eden Fantasys!

Black mesh baby doll lingerie
Sugar-free flavored warming lube for sex, oral sex and massage.
Non-piercing nipple ringsMulti-speed silver egg vibrator made of plastic with purple control pack. is my favorite adult shop ever!! I live in a small, rural town in Northern Maine called Presque Isle. While there are no local laws against adult stores, the area churches usually raise enough of a stink about it that no one will open one. There are a few stores that adult dvd's for sale and rent, but that's it. I have to go online to get toys! 
I also love getting stuff for free! Thanks to the great rewards program at I've gotten everything in the picture above for nothing! Not even shipping! In the past 5 months since I've discovered this great site I've gotten $95.55 worth of merchandise. I've paid a total of $46.42. So far I've saved over 50% on my purchases! 

By participating in their community, liking products, commenting on different products, adding things to your wish list and just doing different things you can easily get $5.00 in credit from them each day! 
They are currently celebrating their 10th Anniversary! As part of their celebration they are offering all members double points on all their activities until 7/29! This is a great time to sign up for and start earning yourself some fun new toys, clothes, books, or whatever you desire :) 
I'm thinking of getting the 50 Shades of Grey with my next gift card. I read it when it was a Twilight fanfiction story, but it might be fun to read to it again. See if I get past the character name changes lol 
Hopefully they will get Anne Rice's Beauty Series back in. If you haven't read the Claiming of Sleeping Beauty then you are missing out! I really need to get a new copy so I can read it again. 

Don't wait any longer to sign up! Join now to get double points so you're first purchase can be free! 

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What Not To Say To A Woman TCC! **RANT WARNING**

We've all come across pics like the one above on facebook. They are often funny, rude, political, religious, etc. You can find one to fit whatever mood you are in at the moment. Usually, these don't bother me. I either like, or I don't and that's that. However, the one pictured above bothers me. 
I haven't used birth control since I got married on May 28th 1997. There has only been one time in all those years that we even thought I was pregnant. That was in the summer of 2000. We are currently saving every penny we can to finance our fertility treatments. We don't have insurance that covers fertility treatments. Right now I need almost $2k to pay for the next two tests that I need. One of those tests is to see of my fallopian tubes are blocked. If they are then I will need laser surgery to correct the blockage. Again, another treatment that isn't covered. 
Why isn't this covered? Well, in the US infertility treatments are considered "elective procedures". Essentially, insurance considers you having a baby the same as you having a boob job. There are only 15 states in the US that require insurance companies provide coverage for fertility treatments. 
As if everything I'm dealing with isn't enough, I have to see women with children post graphics like the one above. I understand that she had no idea that a fan of her page was dealing with these issues. She could never expect me feeling the way I do about her post. I did comment stating that I have my freedom and I can get my sleep. But I don't have a bank account cause I have to pay for all my treatments. 

I would give anything to child!

1 in 8 couples in America deal with infertility in the United States. That means that you know someone that has been trying to get pregnant for over a year! Just because you first got pregnant because you forgot you pill for a day doesn't mean all of us have it so easy. Women like me spend thousands of dollars on a wing and a prayer that this is the round of medication that's gonna work. This is the treatment that will finally get us pregnant. 
Just because someone doesn't advertise that they are trying to have a child doesn't mean they aren't. Please just don't randomly ask the people you know that don't have a child why they don't have a child. If you know people like me that are trying to have a baby, please don't tell us to just relax, stop trying, drink a special tea, or pray. The chances we've already tried all that. And for the love of all that you may hold holy don't tell us that it just hasn't happened for us yet!! 
Oh, telling us to adopt isn't a good idea either. We've already tried that and we don't qualify. If I don't give birth to a child the state will never let me have one. 

BTW: Personally, there' s a part of me that thinks that if you find the above graphic funny, you shouldn't have a child. You've been given a miracle from the gods and don't appreciate it. If you can't appreciate it then you don't deserve it. 

Great Glade Coupons!!

Have you printed out these great Glade coupons? You can always find good deals on Glade products at Wal-Mart. Use these coupons to get them free or almost free!

Naughty Makeovers for Nice Girls! Book Review

I've never been one of those really girly kinda girls. Getting dressed up, doing my hair, my makeup and all that stuff never really interested me much. Usually I don't wear makeup, wear jeans and rarely do my hair! I desperately need a new look before my husband decides to leave me. Ok, I'm sure he won't leave my, but I'm sure he would appreciate it :) 
The book Naughty Makeovers for Nice Girls is written by professional makeup artist and creator of Skinn Cosmetics Dimitri James. This line of Skinn treatment and cosmetics use concentrated natural ingredients. They also leave all the excess fillers and water out of their products. 
This book can help anyone dress a little nicer in all types of different situations. Whether your at home, going to the club, traveling, or going to work. Dimitri will provide you with many different things you can do to feel and look better. His tips include basic makeup tricks, choosing the right colors, and picking out the right outfits. He even offers suggestions for body language. 
This is a great reference for anyone that is looking to update their style. This book will help anyone to feel better about them self. When you look and feel attractive then you will be more confident in yourself. 
Dimitri also teaches you how to make sure that you don't end up looking like a tramp either. I think that this would make an excellent gift for anyone that is trying to update their looks, or for any teenage girls that you know. My niece is borrowing it right now :) So far she loves it too! 

Dimitri also has several personal appearances coming up. Including an appearance on Good Afternoon America on July 26 and his first book signing in Houston, TX on August 4th! Please visit Naughty Makeovers or the Skinn Cosmetics facebook page for more information. 

If you'd like to learn more about this great book or Skinn Cosmetics just click on any of the links below. 


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wordless Wednesday! The Miss Kitty Edition

Presenting her majesty Miss Kitty. Queen of the house!! 

Have you joined yet? is one of my favorite product testing sites!! If you qualify for one of their great missions then you get that a full size product to try out for free! These products usually contain great fantastic coupons as well. is completely free to join and never get any spam from them at all! I've been a member for over 6 months and love it :) 

The latest mission from is for NECTRESSE Natural No Calories Sweetener. If you qualify for this mission then you will get one full size carton (40 packets), 12 sample cards that contain 2 packs of NECTRESSE each, one $1 off coupon, and a sharing guide. 

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Swagbucks Is Going Mobile!!

Today at 12pm PST Swagbucks will launch a mobile version of their site for iPhone and Android users!! 

Just watch the video below to learn more about this great new service from Swagbucks

As part of the launch of their mobile service Swagbucks is giving all new members and extra 60 swagbucks when they sign up!! Just use the Swag Code SBISONTHEGO when you sign up to get the extra bucks :) 

Swagbucks is a great program that lets earn rewards by surfing the internet, completing surveys, watching videos and many options to win Swagbucks including just posting about them on twitter! 

If you have signed up for this great program yet then head over before this promotion ends on 8/3! I always the paypal cash since I'm saving up for fertility treatments, but a lot of people that I know use trade their swagbucks in for gift cards to use for Christmas or birthday presents for their kids. Others save up to get that new gadget they've always wanted. What will you use your Swagbucks for? 

Coupons ending on 7/31

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Creative DIY Home Accessories

For those of you who think that decorating your home means driving to an expensive gallery to purchase items while running up your credit card bill, I have a bit of good news: it is possible to give your home a fresh look by making home decor accessories yourself. You don't even have to buy materials, as there is always a DIY project that can be made from the items that already in the house. Each one can be used in a variety of ways. Knick-knacks and even old clothing can be re-purposed into exciting new decor items, in some cases with very little effort. What follows is a few unique ways to add a new piece to your home with existing materials, time, and a little elbow grease. You can even get your kids involved if they're at the right age!

The first project involves transferring photos onto pieces of wood as if it was a frame. This will look great in any room in the home, but can be especially showy in the living or family rooms where everyone can see your creativity on full display. The best part is that with a little paint or wood polish, these pieces can complement any existing furniture like this Homelegance cocktail table. Once you've selected a photo, use a photo editing program to reverse the image so that it comes out the right way on the wood and scale it to fit the dimensions of the wood.  This is much easier than cutting the wood down to the size of the picture! Print it out at 300 DPI. After printing, use a brush to spread a thin layer of gel medium on the image and lay the image down flat with the picture-side down. Smooth out any bubbles, and let dry for at least 8 hours. Set a wet cloth on top of the wood and photo, and press down for a few minutes. When the paper is thoroughly soaked, use either fingers or the wet towel to carefully rub off the paper fibers to expose the photo. Let the piece dry overnight, and then cover in mod podge to preserve the image before hanging the image.  If you're more of a visual learner like me, you may find this video very helpful.

For the next idea, we focus on old board games. Many people have them in their homes, and they are perfect for crafts. One interesting idea for a rec room or a child's room is to take board games and frame them.  They certainly make a very unique statement in any room.  Another idea is to take old game pieces and build something with them.  Off the top of my head, how about coasters made of Scrabble tiles? Each game comes with 100 tiles, and since only 20 are needed per 4x4 coaster, an old set with missing pieces can make 4!  You can even make the coasters spell some fun words that capture some aspect of the room, your home, or your personality. With some glue and a felt or corkboard backing, these coasters will be a conversation piece in any room of the home. Plus, if you own a black and white table like this
 Modloft side table, they will make an awesome contrast! 

Finally, for the kitchen, how about using some spare change to personalize chairs for each member of the family with their initial or just for fun words on the walls? Obviously, for newer chairs, you're probably best waiting until their freshness fades before taking such action, but it can make older furniture really pop.  Simply get the desired letters, a bunch of shiny spare change, (pennies work best and cheapest :-D) and start gluing. The shine of the metal will give the letters a unique look.  Just be very careful with how you stick them on.  You don't want a misshapen letter giving your house a black eye for the foreseeable future!

I hope you liked these ideas.  If you have others, I'd love to hear them.  Let me know in the comments of any that you've seen or tried so we can all benefit from your experience.

Allison Cooper works for, a leading online retailer of brand name furniture at discount prices.  When not at work, Allison takes care of her family of 4, and enjoys watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Michelle B Cookware Giveaway!!

Welcome to the Michelle B Cookware Event!

Michelle B. 10-Piece Induction Ready Forged Aluminum Cookware Set produced by Fagor America.
Almost no other Miami chef has made as big a splash on the national culinary scene as Michelle Bernstein. A James Beard Award winner and author of Cuisine a Latina, diners are loving Bernstein's cuisine at her two successful South Florida restaurants: Michy's and Sra. Martinez, dubbed one of the Best New Restaurants in America of 2009 by Esquire Magazine. Michelle appeared on the Food Network to battle Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America, from which the Miami chef emerged victorious. Michelle continues to appear on national television shows, ranging from Top Chef and The Today Show to the Martha Stewart Show. This 14-piece Induction Ready Forged Aluminum Cookware Set includes: 1-1/2-inch-quart Sauce Pan with Tempered Glass Lid, 3-quart Sauce Pan with Tempered Glass Lid, 5-quart Stock Pot with Tempered Glass Lid, 11 4-quart Saute Pan with Tempered Glass Lid, 9-1/2-inch Fry Pan, 8-inch Fry Pan.
  • Available at Macy' and
  • Designed and hand selected by Michelle Bernstein herself
  • This 10-pc set includes:
    • 5qt Dutch Oven with Lid
    • 11” (4qt) Sauté Pan with Lid
    • 9.5” Open Skillet
    • 8” Open Skille
    • 1.5qt Sauce Pan with Lid
    • 3qt Sauce Pan with Lid
  • Made from Forged Aluminum with a double layer, high gloss color silicone polyester exterior
  • .4mm body with .5mm base and edges
  • Resistant to scratching, abrasions and wear
  • Whitford Interior non-stick coating is scratch resistant and ensures durability: no peeling, blistering or cracking making it easy to clean
  • QuanTanium PFOA Free
  • Metal utensil friendly
  • Stainless steel cast handles riveted to the pan
  • Silicone cool to touch handles
  • Every lid fits on a piece of cookware
  • The light color of cookware interior makes it easy to see what you are cooking
  • Perfect for use on all stovetops; gas, electric, radiant and induction
  • Includes a collection of full-color recipe cards containing some of Michelle Bernstein’s delicious recipes from both of her Miami restaurants
  • Available in Red, Black, Blue and Lemon-Lime

One lucky winner will receive a complete Michelle B. 10-Piece Induction Ready Forged Aluminum Cookware Set.

Giveaway ends August 6th at 11:59pm, open to US residents, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Theft By Chocolate Guest Post!

This week I'm lucky enough to have this great guest post from Luba Lesychyn author of the new book Theft by Chocolate. A big thanks to Ms. Lesychyn for sharing her thoughts about this great new book with us :) Don't forget to enter the Theft by Chocolate Giveaway for your chance to win $150 in Chocolate!! 

Just What Is It About Chocolate?

by Luba Lesychyn

            Besides being the author of Theft By Chocolate, a sassy museum mystery about a woman of a certain age looking for chocolate, love, and an international art thief in all the wrong places, I work at a city college in Toronto that is home to one of Canada’s most renowned cooking schools. And I live in a city that has the most restaurants per capita than any other city in the world! So I have done a lot of enjoying, consuming, and contemplating of food over the years. And much of that food meditation has focused on what it is that I love so much about chocolate.
Chocolate is not the only food I love (though it is the only one with which I am truly obsessed). I love eating – plain and simple. And for twenty-five years, I have been a dedicated gym rat, and added dance and running to my activities over time, to accommodate my love of food. In other words, I have always worked out to eat.
 I became vegetarian three years ago and although I cut out meat, fish, and poultry, my love for food has not diminished. I miss some elements about these foods, but it has less to do with flavor and a heck of a lot more to do with another food characteristic. Allow me to explain…
When I first became vegetarian and was shopping for alternative foods at my favourite organic grocery store, the deli counter carried mock chicken and mock shrimp (tofu-based). I found these foods rather odd. Wasn’t the concept akin to people wearing faux fur instead of real fur (which to me is like saying “we’re going to pretend we’re wearing fur, but it’s not real fur, really”). So with the faux animal proteins, it’s like saying “we’re going to pretend we’re eating meat, but it’s not really meat, really.” Huh?
But as my days as a vegetarian continued, it all started to make sense to me. I began to miss the texture of meat, the way it broke down when you chewed it, the way it felt making its way down to my digestive system, and even the way it rested in my stomach.
So now I get the reasoning behind mock meats. It seems humans can more easily get over living without certain flavors than they can of being deprived of certain food textures. And this notion, I realized, applied as much to chocolate as it did to animal proteins.
I first noticed how much I loved the texture of chocolate after I started doing detoxes or cleanses, as they are also known. For a period of anywhere between a few days to a month, one eliminates products like meats, sugars, grains, and dairy from their body to help “cleanse” the digestive system and to rid it of toxins. People always ask me how I am able to be so disciplined about it considering how much I love my sweets, but once I commit to the process, I stick with it until it is concluded. Surprisingly, I have found that I can live relatively easily without these foods. But what I always find most challenging about doing a cleanse is not having a food that crunches like chocolate and then melts into a liquid treat as it glides down the throat.
I do eat a lot of nuts during a detox (note: a lot of cleanses advocate eliminating nuts, but I would starve without them), and they do satisfy the crunch factor I would normally get from chocolate. But there is nothing, nothing, and nothing that crunches and then melts like chocolate. I know carob has been touted by many as a substitute for chocolate. No offense to carob growers, but it ain’t chocolate.  
I’ve tried just about everything from meditation and hypnotherapy to Bach flower remedies and past life regression to eliminate my chocolate cravings – and been unsuccessful. The longest chocolate droughts I’ve had have been about three to four months, following hypnotherapy. I have tried to make peace with the fact that chocolate and I will likely be “one” for the rest of my life. But I will have to continually work on monitoring the quantity of chocolate I consume.
And some of those struggles are mirrored in the capricious adventures of chocolate addict Kalena Boyko in Theft By Chocolate.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blog for Swagbucks!!

If you're like me than you love rewards programs! Why not get rewarded for the stuff you do everyday online anyways? One of my favorite programs is Swagbucks! Personally, I win the majority of my swagbucks through searches. You can also win Swagbucks in dozens of different ways :) A very popular event is Mega Swag Bucks Day each Friday! The search rewards are better, you can win with a good twitter post, you might get lucky for a draw, it's just a great chance to win!!

All these Swagbucks you earn can be redeemed for a wide variety of prizes. There are virtual gifts, gift cards, electronics or Paypal cash! Personally, I just take the cash for my fertility treatment fund. A lot of my friends take gift cards to make for quick and easy Christmas gifts!!

Swagbucks has even more offers for bloggers!! If you're a blogger from  the UK, Canada, Ireland or Australia then Swagbucks wants to hear from you!!! They are trying to expand their blogger exposure in these countries. 

If you're from one of these countries and would like a chance to earn even more Swagbucks then all you need to do is send an email to: In the subject line put "Intl Blogger referredd by Julie St. Thomas"

In your email be sure to include your location and all of your social media info. This includes your Twitter, Facebook page, YouTube Channel, Google+, etc. 

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Theft By Chocolate Giveaway!

Theft By Chocolate

Theft by Chocolate is a brand new mystery novel! I can't wait to get a chance to read this book :) It's look really good! Plus, it has chocolate in the title! Don't forget to enter to win $150 in free chocolate by filling out the rafflecopter below! 

Theft By Chocolate

Chocolate addict Kalena Boyko wasn’t prepared for this. Heading to work at Canada’s largest museum as an administrator, she hopes for quiet and uninterrupted access to her secret chocolate stash. Instead she’s assigned to manage the high-profile Treasures of the Maya exhibition with her loathed former boss, Richard Pritchard.

With no warning, her life is capsized and propelled into warp speed as she stumbles across an insider plot that could jeopardize the exhibit and the reputation of the museum.

After hearing about a recent botched theft at the museum and an unsolved jewel heist in the past from security guard and amateur sleuth Marco Zeffirelli, Kalena becomes suspicious of Richard and is convinced he’s planning to sabotage the Treasures of the Maya exhibition.

Her suspicions, and the appearance of the mysterious but charming Geoffrey Ogden from the London office, don’t help her concentration. The Treasures of the Maya seems cursed as problem after problem arises, including the disappearance of the world’s oldest piece of chocolate, the signature object in the exhibit.

Theft By Chocolate is inspired by a real-life and never-solved heist at a Canadian museum in the 1980s.

Author Info

Soon after finishing her graduate studies in history, Luba Lesychyn (le-si-shin) landed on the doorstep of Canada’s largest museum, the Royal Ontario Museum, where she worked for more than twenty years as an educator and consultant. Theft By Chocolate is Luba’s debut novel, though she has been amusing people with her writing since the age of eight. Her love of chocolate precedes this age and she has been in and out of chocolate rehab for most of her adult life. She currently works in the educational sector and teaches yoga in her home town of Toronto. When not writing or looking for her next chocolate fix, Luba can be found in dance classes, trekking to remote waterfalls in the mountain rain forest in Puerto Rico, running through the streets of Paris or doing any other number of calorie-burning activities that help offset the calories consumed in her chocolate intake. 

Tianna's Coupon Cafe is not responsible for delivery of this prize and was not compensated for this post. 

5 Apps to Stretch Your Hard Earned Dollars

The precariousness of the current global economy has renewed the value of frugality for the majority of the working class. People are looking for any and every way possible to save money, including taking advantage of online coupons, cutting down on eating out, and even taking public transportation when possible rather than driving. Now that smartphones such as the iPhone and Android-based devices have become nearly ubiquitous, money saving apps are also a viable way to stretch your hard earned dollar. Here are 5 apps that can help you go a little further with your next paycheck:

Red Laser
Price: Free
Available Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows

No shopper should enter a brick and mortar store without this app downloaded on their smartphone. Red Laser is a bar code scanning application that allows users to scan the bar code of any item and search online for the best deal. It presents you not only with the prices of the item by different competitors, but also reviews by people who have already purchased and used the item themselves.

Price: Free
Available Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows

Groupon, the coupon and discount company known mostly for their website, also provides their services on all major smartphone operating systems. The app offers significant discounts on everything from massage sessions to sporting event tickets. There is one caveat: in order for a deal to be "on", a predetermined number of customers must commit to it. Don't worry though, you are not charged the quota until the conditions for the deal is met.

Price: Free
Platform: iOS

Probably number one on most people's list of necessities that is becoming more and more of a strain on the wallet is gas. People frequently drive around town from one gas station to the next in search of the best price, further expending gas and perpetuating the problem. With the Mygas app, however, this is no longer an issue. This app provides the price of gas in all stations in your area.

Price: Free
Platform: iOS, Android

Apps that provide coupons and listings of the best price on particular products and services are great, but perhaps the most important thing anyone can do to save money is keep meticulous track of their own spending habits. Mint allows you to do just that. This app is ideal for people who frequently wonder "where does all my money go?" With Mint you can make note every time you make a purchase and later analyze your buying habits to determine where and how you can cut down on spending.

Price: Free
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows

Fees for late payments on bills are one of the more annoying and easily avoidable expenses. Statistics show that the average person loses about an hour a day in productivity due to disorganization of bills and the incurring of late fees that result. Pageonce helps to ensure that this does not happen to you. The app connects to all your online bill-paying accounts and keeps track of which bills you have and have not paid. When a bill is close to its due date, it sends alerts to your phone. For those with concerns about storing sensitive account information on apps, Pageonce promises "military level" security features.
Using these apps will surely result in noticeable savings, and the fact that they are all free leaves no excuse for not trying them out.

Sam Spector is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn, New York. He is currently pursuing his MFA in Creative Writing while working on his first novel, tentatively titled "Other Ways to Oblivion."

Buy The Princess Bride For Kindle!

William Goldman's modern fantasy classic is a simple, exceptional story about quests—for riches, revenge, power, and, of course, true love—that's thrilling and timeless.

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Sizzling Summer Giveaway!

Welcome to the Sizzling Summer Giveaway!

Giveaway is hosted by Jenn's Blah Blah Blog & Diva Fabulosa!
A HUGE thanks to our co-hosts: Bonkers 4 Coupons, Luv Saving Money, Sister's Saving Cents, Dishin With Rebelle, Trinkies, My Vegan Gluten Free Life, Tidbits From A Mom, and Keeping Your Cents and all of the bloggers that have come together to make this event possible!

Enter this great giveaway now to win one of the great prizes listed below! Good luck everyone! 

Prize: Winner chooses prize valued at no more than $200 (shipping included) Choose from Kindle Fire, Paypal Cash or Amazon Gift Card
This giveaway will run from 7/21 12:01am (EST) - 8/20 11:59pm (EST).
Giveaway is open worldwide and participants must be 18 + years to enter.
Use the giveaway tool below to enter! Good Luck!

Javascript must be enabled to enter this giveaway. Learn how to activate Javascript by clicking here.
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Disclosure: This blog is not responsible for shipment of prize and was not compensated in any way for the posting of this event. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to winning email send out by Jenn's Blah Blah Blog or Diva Fabulosa. If there is no response another winner will be drawn.

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Oransi Ionic Fridge Air Purifier

Do you suffer from allergies? Is the air in your area not the cleanest? Then this is the perfect prize for you! Enter to win an Oransi Ionic Fridge Air Purifier now! Just fill out the rafflecopter below :) Good luck! 

Oransi, based in Austin, TX, develops green cleaning products such as air purifiers to clean the air so you and those around you can breathe easier, sleep better and feel rejuvenated. The number of children and adults who suffer from allergies and asthma has continued to increase and our air purifiers provide high performance without the features you really don’t need. We also sell highly efficient laundry cleaning products that are better for you, your wallet and the environment. They are an innovative company with a passion towards all things clean. The Oransi Ionic Fridge air purifier cleans the air in your refrigerator so it smells amazing.
The Oransi Fridge air purifier is an economical way to refresh any kitchen. This tiny kitchen gadget (it’s only 2” x 4” – about the size of a large lemon) easily fits into any fridge and silently removes all bacteria and odors.
It helps fruits and veggies stay fresher longer thereby reducing food waste which saves money on your grocery bill. Best of all, it eliminates the strange stink that can sometimes fill your fridge and kitchen. There are no expensive filters to replace and no harmful ozone. It takes 2 AA batteries (not included) which last up to 3 months on average. Your butter will never taste like last night’s fish supper again.

*Review by Pea of Sweetness*

 I was excited to try the Oransi Ionic Air Fridge Purifier! I love natural products, and we often have a lot of produce at one time. One thing that really appealed to me was that it can keep produce fresher longer! I knew we could put this to the test! I often get disappointed as our family love strawberries, and although we eat them rather quickly they seem to go bad by the next day! It is always such a waste! Once we put the purifier in our refrigerator we actually did finish the strawberries before they went bad! That hasn't happened in a long time! The Ionic Air Fridge Purifier is quiet, discreet, and you really could put it just about anywhere in the fridge! Not only could I see saving money by wasting lest food, but it's also cost efficient because it takes two AA batteries that can last from 45-90 days! It has an indicator to let you know when the batteries are low. My husband asked me how often we'd have to change the filter and how much they cost. Well, that's another plus - there is NO filter! The only thing you'll have to purchase are two AA batteries every 2-3 months! That's it! If you have kids you probably have a constant supply of AA batteries anyway! :) Another thing we noticed was how quickly this little purifier made a difference. I set it up, put it in the fridge, and within an hour our fridge smelled like nothing. That's a big deal. Usually it smells like a variety of things, but when you open it now there is no scent at all! One thing that really bothers me is when I make fresh brewed tea and the next day it has this "off taste" to it, and since using this purifier it still tastes fresh! Oransi Ionic Fridge Air Purifier is available online at an affordable price of $29.


One lucky winner will receive an Oransi Ionic Fridge Air Purifier!
Giveaway ends August 6th at 11:59pm, open to the US Only ages 18+. To enter please use the rafflecopter form below! Good luck!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Attain Rx Discount Card Giveaway is one of my favorite places to find information about my fertility issues. They also have a fabulous community on facebook filled with men and women that are dealing with their own fertility problems. As part of their efforts to continually expand their services they are now offering an Rx discount card that helps members save on all their expensive fertility medications. To launch this new project they are giving 100 of these cards away for free! Each winner will also get a copy of the book Budgeting for Infertility. Just click the link below to enter today! 

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