Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What Not To Say To A Woman TCC! **RANT WARNING**

We've all come across pics like the one above on facebook. They are often funny, rude, political, religious, etc. You can find one to fit whatever mood you are in at the moment. Usually, these don't bother me. I either like, or I don't and that's that. However, the one pictured above bothers me. 
I haven't used birth control since I got married on May 28th 1997. There has only been one time in all those years that we even thought I was pregnant. That was in the summer of 2000. We are currently saving every penny we can to finance our fertility treatments. We don't have insurance that covers fertility treatments. Right now I need almost $2k to pay for the next two tests that I need. One of those tests is to see of my fallopian tubes are blocked. If they are then I will need laser surgery to correct the blockage. Again, another treatment that isn't covered. 
Why isn't this covered? Well, in the US infertility treatments are considered "elective procedures". Essentially, insurance considers you having a baby the same as you having a boob job. There are only 15 states in the US that require insurance companies provide coverage for fertility treatments. 
As if everything I'm dealing with isn't enough, I have to see women with children post graphics like the one above. I understand that she had no idea that a fan of her page was dealing with these issues. She could never expect me feeling the way I do about her post. I did comment stating that I have my freedom and I can get my sleep. But I don't have a bank account cause I have to pay for all my treatments. 

I would give anything to child!

1 in 8 couples in America deal with infertility in the United States. That means that you know someone that has been trying to get pregnant for over a year! Just because you first got pregnant because you forgot you pill for a day doesn't mean all of us have it so easy. Women like me spend thousands of dollars on a wing and a prayer that this is the round of medication that's gonna work. This is the treatment that will finally get us pregnant. 
Just because someone doesn't advertise that they are trying to have a child doesn't mean they aren't. Please just don't randomly ask the people you know that don't have a child why they don't have a child. If you know people like me that are trying to have a baby, please don't tell us to just relax, stop trying, drink a special tea, or pray. The chances we've already tried all that. And for the love of all that you may hold holy don't tell us that it just hasn't happened for us yet!! 
Oh, telling us to adopt isn't a good idea either. We've already tried that and we don't qualify. If I don't give birth to a child the state will never let me have one. 

BTW: Personally, there' s a part of me that thinks that if you find the above graphic funny, you shouldn't have a child. You've been given a miracle from the gods and don't appreciate it. If you can't appreciate it then you don't deserve it. 


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