Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Free Book!!! The Breakers by Mary Ann Taylor-Hall

If you love to read then don't miss out on this great free book! It's an eBook, but a true physical book :) This offer is only good until April 1, 2012 for residents of the continental US. 

About the Book:
Literary fiction has presented readers with centuries of memorable women in trouble. Here, the author of the widely praised and beloved 'Come and Go, Molly Snow,' Kentucky novelist Mary Ann Taylor-Hall, offers Jo Sinclair, a long-term single parent of four children. Fleeing an abusive relationship, she winds up in Sea Cove, New Jersey, in front of The Breakers, a salty old hotel in the process of renovation. In this unlikely setting, Jo finds a way to renovate herself, to reclaim the promising life that was derailed by pregnancy when she was fourteen. 'At The Breakers' is a deeply felt and beautifully written novel about forgiveness and reconciliation. Its heroine, put through the fire, comes out with a chance for happiness, if she can muster the faith, courage, and optimism to take that chance.

“At The Breakers is beautifully written, a deep exploration of the complex demands and joys and risks of all kinds of love.”--Kim Edwards, author of 'The Memory Keeper's Daughter'

Click here to get your copy today!


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