Thursday, May 2, 2013

McDonald's McWraps Are Tasty Treat!

Recently I was given a chance to review the new Premium McWraps from McDonald's. My husband is a shift manager at our local store and he had already tried them. He said that he loved them so I decided to give them a shot. McDonald's in Maine was also running a promotion that if you could get a free medium soda and small fry with the purchase of the McWrap. 

It took me a few days after getting my coupons before I had the time to actually try one. Since I had my coupons I got one of each. :) The actual package that they come is 9-inches long. The tortilla is very large. This makes the McWraps much bigger than the snack wraps they offer. As you can see from the picture above, it's definitely a handful. I'm sure that some people would be able to eat this while driving, but not me. I brought mine home to eat. 

A few months ago I discovered that I have a gluten intolerance. So I really can't eat a lot of anything that is made from flour. Once I got home I opened them up and ate them that way. They did have quite a bit of filling. Sometimes wraps this size are can be mostly the tortilla it's made with. Thankfully this wasn't the case. 

The first one I tried was the Sweet Chili McWrap. It had a nice little tangy to it. Definitely not overpowering at all. Of course, I like spicy food and garlic. 
The Chicken Ranch was very nice and refreshing. If they made a salad like this I'd buy it all the time! 
My favorite though the Chicken Bacon. It had just the right amount of garlic to work perfectly with the bacon. There could have been more bacon, but then you really can't ever have enough bacon can you?  

You can choose from three different types of McWraps. They can also be made with either fried or grilled chicken. Personally, I choose grilled for all the McWraps I ordered. 

  • Chicken Ranch: Lettuce, spring greens, tomato slices, cucumber slices, grated cheddar jack cheese, rice vinegar and buttermilk sauce.
  • Sweet Chili: Lettuce, spring greens, and cucumber slices with a sweet chili and creamy garlic sauce. 
  • Chicken Bacon: Lettuce, spring greens, tomato slices, grated cheddar jack cheese, hickory smoked bacon and a creamy garlic sauce. 

Any of these McWraps are a better nutritional choices than most of the items on the McDonald's menu. It's definitely a much better idea to choose the grilled chicken over the fried. That will save you 160 calories per McWrap. They do have pretty high level of sodium in them. The nutritional facts below can also be found on the McDonald's website. You can find information on all of the items on the McDonald's menu there. They also have a meal builder option that lets you compare different meals. 

  • Chicken RanchGrilled - 430 calories, 16 gms fat, 1130 mg sodium;Crispy - 590 calories, 29 gms fat, 1300 mg sodium.
  • Sweet ChiliGrilled - 360 calories, 9 gms fat, 1030 mg sodium; Crispy - 520 calories, 22 gms fat, 1200 sodium.
  • Chicken BaconGrilled - 440 calories, 16 gms fat, 1250 sodium; Crispy - 600 calories, 30 gms fat, 1420 sodium.
If you're a resident of Maine then you can follow McDonald's of Maine on Twitter @McD_Maine for their newest menu items, latest promotions, contests and more. 


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