Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Join The Dr. Seuss Bookclub!

Join the Dr Seuss Book Club

Dr. Seuss has to be one of the greatest writers to have ever lived! I remember watching all loving all of the Dr. Seuss cartoons I watched as a kid. Who doesn't love watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas?" 

Even better was when my mom or dad would read me Dr. Seuss stories for bedtime. When I was little, a very long, long time ago, the "gift" that came with the subscription for Dr. Seuss books that my mom bought was a special book holder. I remember it was blue and held tons of great stories I could get lost in :) 

If you decide to join the Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club today you can get a special bookbag for your kids to enjoy!  This great deal is only $5.95 and also includes these five great Dr. Seuss books: The Cat in the Hat, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Ten Apples On Top, Go Dog Go! & The Tooth Book - Free colorful Cat in the Hat Backpack.

If you decide to join the Dr. Seuss & Friends Book Club here's the great benefits that you'll enjoy: 

Receive 3 new books each month.
Create lasting memories with the same classic stories you loved as a child.
Wacky and wonderful characters will engage and entertain your child. 

Conveniently control your membership online.
- Adjust your shipping interval
- View account history

Preview upcoming packages Risk free. Cancel anytime.
• No purchase commitment
• High quality, hard covered editions.
• Convenience of home delivery for less than $5 per book.
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Dr. Seuss is a great gateway to the world of imagination. This is a the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to a love of reading that will last a lifetime. I don't know about you, but it definitely worked for me :) 


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