Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Thank God Christmas Is Over!

Another Christmas has passed and I'm still alive. More importantly, I didn't lose my cool enough to land my dumb ass in jail :) 

All day Saturday I had people keep telling me though out the day just how lucky I was that I didn't have children. 

Ranted a bit about that on a faceboook page I follow and have had deal with a child (well, actually young adult, but in my eyes a child!), tell me that her aunt had problems and just went straight from "oh you can't have a baby" to IVF. Including just how cheap the treatment really is. grrr.....

Still managed to keep my head together enough to politely refuse the dinner offer from our in-laws cause they wanted the pic of all "the kids" including the newest little ones. 

We don't really celebrate, but my hubby is a fantastic cook and this year made us a super yummy baked salmon for dinner. I didn't freak out an get sent to jail for assualt, yeah.. I have to say that all together it wasn't that bad of a Christmas. 

Course, if Santa would just grant my wish then it would've been better :) I mean all I want is a baby!! It shouldn't be that hard of a wish to grant! I've been trying for 16 years to have one. 

I don't know anyone that have ever waited this long to get pregnant. They say it's one in eight couples that deal with, but in my life it's just me. 

If you are lucky enough to have a child then I really hope that you are smart enough to appreciate. We have hope, but due to my age, our hope is running thin. All Christmas is for me is a painful reminder of I'll probably never have. 


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