Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pre-Seed Lubricant Review

Anyone that is trying to conceive knows how important it is to make sure all the products you use are safe and will actually help you have a baby. Many clinical studies have proven that water, saliva or oils shouldn't be used by people trying to get pregnant. Pre-Seed is the only fertility friendly lubricant available on the market today. This products provides you with the lubrication that you need without harming the sperm. 

When a couple is trying to conceive they usually have to make sure they having sex at the most opportune time. For many women this can lead to problems with vaginal dryness. Sex can start seeming more like a chore than a fun activity. Having a lubricant that can help with this problem can be very beneficial for everyone involved. 

Recently I was given an opportunity to test out this great product. Due to some of the medication I was taking at the time it was very difficult for my body to product it's natural lubricants. This product worked really, really well! It's by far one of the best lubricants we've ever tried. The applicators the kit contains also helps to get it right where you need it most. Unfortunately, we're still not pregnant so I can't verify whether it helps in that area or not. This product is a bit more expensive than other types of lubricants on the  market. However, I feel it's definitely worth the price. 

If you'd like to learn more about Pre-Seed then just visit their website


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