Friday, January 20, 2012

Flower Fundraiser

Do you have a green thumb? Can't wait for spring to come around so you can start growing your little seedlings getting them ready for planting? While some people plant vegetable gardens, many people choose to have flower gardens. These can add beauty and fragrance to your yard and home.

I know it's winter and most people aren't really even thinking about their summer gardens, but this flower fundraiser is a great way to a start on your planning. This fundraiser is in support of the Park Street Playground Project in Bar Harbor, Maine. They will receive 50% of all sales until 4/27/2012. This is a great project started by a friend of mine to rebuild this part so all the children in Bar Harbor have a safe and fun place to play.

If you're thinking of planting flowers or strawberries this year then you should definitely check this fundraiser out. Not only will you get the flowers you want, but you'll be supporting a great cause at the same time! Even if you don't garden, these seeds will make a wonderful gift for your friends that do.


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